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Jay-Z + Apple = record label?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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You're Apple, and you want to sell more content -- which, in turn, sells more iPods / iPhones / iWhatevers. But you don't want to stay beheld to those fickle, waffling, DRM-obsessed labels. You want to cut out the middle man -- not unlike Starbucks and its homegrown behemoth, Hear Music. And, if the Boy Genius is right, your next step is to hire away none other than the Young Hov, Jiggaman, J-Hova -- Jay-Z -- from his gig as prez of Def Jam records to run your new game. Oh sure, Apple getting deep into the content business is possible. But damned if this one doesn't feel a little funny, even if the rumor does turn out to be true.

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