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D-Link MediaLounge PC-on-TV DPG-1200 ready to send web content to your TV


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Just because media shifting is totally last year doesn't mean D-Link's MediaLounge PC-on-TV DPG-1200 isn't welcome, even if that model number is a bit of a mouthful. The product can ship YouTube, Google Video, Veoh content and plenty more that the internet has to offer over a wired or wireless connection to your regular ol' TV. There's no special player involved, the product just mirrors your PC display, so virtually anything you can see on you PC you can see on your TV, including all sorts of media and even DVDs. The remote includes a trackball for controlling your PC remotely, and the 1280 x 720 resolution and 30 frames per second should offer enough fidelity to keep up with the action. No word on price or availability yet, but we should be finding out more next week when PC-on-TV hits CES.

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