Fujitsu intros a handful of concept designs at CES 2008

Fujitsu isn't just updating old laptops, you know. The company currently has scores of mad geniuses sweating away on new, bizarre, and possibly unnecessary concepts, too. For your viewing pleasure we present the "Card Viewer," an information device which consists of multiple electronic sleeves that can be detached while retaining their digital data. Also on tap is the "Clerk Browser," a device worn on the wrist which is meant to provide information to shopgirls, car dealers, and other people trying to sell you something. The company has also been working on a "Fabric PC," which -- you guessed it -- is a PC based around soft, flexible materials, and the "Customer Browser," an information device which provides maps of stores, product location and information, and on-line help. All of these, needless to say, aren't and won't be available any time soon... so enjoy!