Analysts. They say the funniest things. Two analysts have made their thoughts on Warner's choice to abandon the HD DVD camp very clear indeed. Both see this development as only being a good thing for, not only Blu-Ray but, as a result, the PS3. Mike Hickey of Janco Partners writes that "if Blu-ray can win the current format war, the true value of the PS3 can be unlocked, and will likely lead to an acceleration of PS3 sales". The ever-lovable Michael Pachter agrees, but indicates that sales of the PS3 will be intrinsically locked with penetration of HDTVs.

Pachter further expects HDTVs to go from sub-10% penetration to over 50% later this year, which is when we're likely to see a spike in PS3 sales. Of course, all of this relies on Blu-Ray winning the format war. Though, with companies jumping off of HD DVD like rats from a sinking ship, we shouldn't have too much to worry about.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.