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Mirus' $199 Linux PC keeps the trend alive, lands at Sears

Darren Murph

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For those who haven't been paying attention, the market for sub-$200 (or value-priced, if you will) rigs seems to be on quite the rise. Hot on the heels of the Everex gPC and the recently announced Shuttle KPC comes a $199 Linux box from Mirus Innovations. Available now at, this understandably lackluster machine houses a borderline ancient 1.6GHz Intel Celeron 420 processor, a slightly more respectable 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, a CD-RW drive, 56k modem, an Ethernet jack and a 15-in-1 multicard reader. Furthermore, you'll also get a set of speakers, a keyboard / mouse bundled in, and Freespire 2.0 pre-installed. Ready to delve into the bargain basement PC arena? Hope you've got about three bills sitting around, as this one only becomes $199 after an oh-so-dreaded mail-in rebate returns.

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