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Microsoft rolls out Zune 2.3 software update with fixes aplenty


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Not to be confused with the Zune 2.3 firmware update, Microsoft is today pushing out the Zune 2.3 software update, which brings with it a whole slew of fixes but no real new features. If the rundown of those fixes given by the ever-helpful Cesar of the Zune Insider blog are any indication, however, it seems that there are few areas of that software that aren't touched by the update. Among the problems getting ironed out are various Marketplace issues, as well as some nagging podcast problems (like not being able to subscribe to anything larger than 10MB), setup issues, and UI mishaps, not to mention a whole mess of sync issues that have supposedly now been sorted, to name a few things. In other words, the sort of update you probably want, and no doubt wish you never needed.

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