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LTE approved by 80 of the industries biggest -- 326Mbps downloads on track for 2010


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LTE took another big step forward with an announced specification approval by the 3GPP. Who are they, exactly? Try China Mobile, DoCoMo, ETRI, Motorola, Nokia, Intel, LG, Qualcomm, RIM, Verizon, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile... round about 80 of the industries biggest movers. That puts the spec on deck for inclusion in the forthcoming 3GPP Release 8. 3GPP LTE you'll recall, is the 2010 (at the earliest) next generational followup to today's GSM/UMTS data networks -- just like WiMAX -- offering 326Mbps peak downloads (173Mbps demonstrated) and 86Mbps uploads. So hearing Alan Hadden, GSA President, say "LTE is firmly on track" sure sounds sweet to us even if he is just hocking his wares.

P.S. Hey, 3GPP. It's cute that someone's kid from your organization designed that logo and all, but seriously, this ain't Romper Room.

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