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Tesla Roadster now legal for sale in the US

Nilay Patel

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Between all the hoopla surrounding "temporary transmissions" and ever-shifting EPA range targets, one critical aspect of the Tesla Roadster's long, strange trip to market has been mostly overlooked: federal safety approval. Yep, no matter how sleek, fast, and quiet the little red (green) machine might be, Uncle Sam still needed to make sure the signals signaled and the bumpers bumped -- but according to a post on the Tesla blog by a VP named Malcom Powell, the Roadster is now fully approved and can legally go on sale. Don't jump for the piggy bank just yet, though -- while Elon Musk will be getting his straight off, everyone else will have to wait until March 17th for the production line to kick into gear. Once that happens, though, Tesla says it'll churn out 40 of the $100,000 cars per week -- so hopefully that waiting list'll get trimmed soonish.

[Via TG Daily]

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