nunchuk adapter
Gaming peripheral maker Nyko today announced an adapter that promises to cut the cord on your existing wired Wii Nunchuks (metaphorically, of course). Not to be confused with the standalone wireless Nunchuk Nyko announced last month, the new adapter will connect to an existing wired Nunchuk, allowing it to communicate with a Wii remote up to 15 feet away (handy for people with a 15-foot wingspan!).

Don't worry about the Nunchuk cord drooping limply across your leg either -- according to the release, the adapter comes with a "self-standing Nunchuk sleeve" that has "a convenient compact cord management system keeping the existing Nunchuk cord organized and out of site [sic]."

The adapter, including two required AAA batteries, will retail for $19.99, making it $10 less than Nyko's standalone wireless Nunchuk (though the whole package is $10 more when combined with a $20 wired Nunchuk). Wire-hating gamers who already own four Nunchuks might want to look for it in February.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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