Curious to know what about $3 million bought Toshiba on Super Bowl Sunday? If so, the recycled commercial is after the break. So, what do you do when the game's over, Toshiba?

[Thanks, Peter]

Should Toshiba have spent millions on an HD DVD Super Bowl ad?
Yes! Why, something the matter with HD DVD?2555 (8.8%)
Yeah, they need as much ammo as they can get right now.3318 (11.5%)
Maybe, it's not like they're broke -- yet.2232 (7.7%)
No, it would have been smarter to just give away 20,000 players for free.8746 (30.2%)
Hell no, it's all over, what's the difference anymore?8840 (30.5%)
VHS for life, suckers.3252 (11.2%)