Took long enough for the limited offering to go national, didn't it? Unlimited everything, the holy grail of phone plans, is now available everywhere at Sprint. The Sprint-powered Helio has had an unlimited everything for a while now, and just cut the price to $99 a month, while other carriers have piecemeal "unlimited" offerings like text messaging or in-network calling, but Sprint is the first of the big four to offer a true unlimited everything plan. For $119.99 a month you get unlimited voice, texting, web, email and picture mail, though no mention is made of MMS. The plan should be available now.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

Update: We've just been told that the Unlimited Access Pack is still restricted to four markets -- San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. To folks in those towns, we envy you. To everyone else, our apologies!