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Apple patent hints at Surface-like research

Nilay Patel

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Come one, come all, and let us once again look into the hazy crystal ball that is the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. What's this, here? A newly published patent filing hinting that Apple is working on Surface-like interfaces? Close your eyes and let your wildest fanboy fantasies unfold -- yeah, it's yet another incredibly dry Apple patent filing, we're just trying to spice things up a bit. The latest details a larger touch system than we've previously seen from Cupertino, designed to be used by two hands at once and supporting different actions depending on the location of your palms. Since the details are mostly to do with the actual touch interactions and not direct applications, this is basically a nerd Rorscharch test -- we see, oh, a touchscreen iMac, maybe, or possibly a large, lap-based tablet. Or is that a giant Cintiq-like display? Too bad, your time's up -- Ms. Cleo doesn't do free.

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