We all knew this day was coming. Apple's previous MacBook Pro revision was certainly getting long in the tooth, a MacBook spec bump never hurt anything, and hey, Penryn isn't getting any younger. Still, it's pretty obvious that quite a few of the Apple faithful feel like the MacBook Pro and its cute little MacBook sidekick are in some serious need of a form factor refresh, and perhaps a little bit of SSD. We can understand Apple not wanting to steal the MacBook Air's thunder, and to be fair most major manufacturers put the new Penryn chips inside existing form factors, but that doesn't mean it's wrong for you to be upset. So, how do you really feel?

How about them MacBook updates?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Penryn was just what I've been waiting for.5804 (20.2%)
I could use some SSD and maybe a Core 2 Extreme chip, but I'll live.3064 (10.7%)
Apple couldn't shave just a little off these form factors here and there?5569 (19.4%)
I'll just have to put this three grand toward my kid's college fund, what a waste!1249 (4.3%)
What gives, Apple? That circa-1999 keyboard isn't doing it for me anymore.2547 (8.9%)
I'm pretty much heartbroken, and would rather not talk about it right now.2415 (8.4%)
Maybe I'd care, but I use a PC. How do you like them Apples?8092 (28.2%)