This morning, we have quite a few comics for you to peruse before you head out and start your day, including the February winner of Blizzard's Honorable Comic Contest. From poking a bit of fun at the election process to rooting out those terrorists, we've got you covered.
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I hereby nominate...
A New Kind of Welfare21 (10.9%)
Infiltrating WoW13 (6.7%)
Fugitive15 (7.8%)
First Flight14 (7.3%)
Tens of Dollars2 (1.0%)
LFG 12613 (6.7%)
The Politics of WoW58 (30.1%)
Latest from Sock Puppet Asylum1 (0.5%)
From Ding!22 (11.4%)
/gquit6 (3.1%)
Snoll's winning comic28 (14.5%)

Voting results from the week of February 17th 2008 to February 23rd 2008.
A New World from Shakes and Fidget took the lead with 26.1% of the vote, while Dark Legacy's comic, Keydar isn't Punny, came in second with 21%.

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