Remember that tiny little Windows Home Server glitch that was causing files to become corrupt for no apparent reason? Well, Microsoft has stepped up to bat with a fix... for June! That's right, all you have to do is hang on to your data-shredders for a few more months and the boys in Redmond will have this one sealed up tighter than a drum. The company has changed this issue's Knowledge Base article to reflect the new target, and suggests that users can avoid problems for the time being by using a command-line tool to move files, setting shared folders on WHS to read-only, and not using things like WMP to import to a home server -- certainly not the solutions most people are after. The company has also posted a note about the KB article on its WHS Team Blog, which we wouldn't call a straight-up apology, though it definitely has apologetic overtones. On the bright side, Microsoft says only a small number of users are having this issue, so in all likelihood, you don't even know what we're talking about! Lucky you.

[Thanks, Brian]

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