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2009 Jaguar XKR to come with Bowers & Wilkins sound system

Darren Murph

It's not like anyone 'round these parts will be parking their keister in a 2009 Jaguar XKR, but now we've got one more reason to envy those who will. The motorcar, which is set to debut at the New York Auto Show later this month, will come standard with a lavish Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system. More specifically, those with an eye on this car can start dreaming of the Kevlar-injected mid-range drivers, aluminum tweeters and lots of longing looks from those cruising by. No idea what effect this system will have on the sticker price (being that it's included and all), but seriously, if you're making space in your garage for this, you and your Centurion Card ain't sweatin' a thing.