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Dell denies 20 - 30% return rates for SSD-laptops


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Alright Avian Securities, looks like you might have some explaining to do. Dell claims that the 20 to 30% failure and return rates for SSD laptops cited by Avian's report "don't even vaguely resemble what's happening in our business." Dell says it wasn't contacted in the study, and that "global reliability data shows that SSD drives are equal to or better than traditional hard disk drives we've shipped." The company says that return rates are "are in line with our expectations for new technology," and an "order of magnitude" better than what is being reported. To be fair to Avian, the original report cited an unnamed "large computer manufacturer," which some in the press assumed meant Dell, thought it was never said explicitly. It looks like we're going to need some more hard facts from both sides to get the true picture of SSD reliability and customer satisfaction, but for now let's nobody panic.

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