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Capuchin robot climbs its way into your nightmares


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As if there weren't enough creepy crawly robots out there already, a team of researchers from Stanford University have now let loose this little number, which they hope will one day be showing off its rock-climbing skills on Mars. Dubbed Capuchin, the bot is a follow-up to the Lemur robot built by the same team, and promises to climb walls some 40 times faster than that earlier model. To do that, the researchers apparently didn't make any major mechanical changes, but rather employed a more advanced computer program that guides the bot's every move. More specifically, as NewScientist reports, the software uses a sophisticated load-balancing system, which distributes the bot's weight equally to its arms and legs and improves its stability when climbing. As you can see for yourself in the video after the break, that appears to work remarkably well, although we still wouldn't trust it to be a partner on your next rock-climbing expedition.

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