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I-Coloured Mobile's ZJ268 offers 666 days of wicked standby


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Ugh, what have we started? After showing you that Chinese cellphone with a reported 1-year standby, Solomobi returns with yet another dubious discovery from China. How does 666 days of standby tickle your noxious, soul-eating fancy? This dual-SIM, GSM900 / DCS1800 candybar with 3.0-inch display is said to achieve that milestone with the help of a 32,800mAh "super battery." Yours now for $128 and the blood of one fetal goat. We've got the phone on order and will get back to you in 616 665 666 two years with the results... right. Picture of the 87 x 51 x 10-mm / 0.12-kg lithium battery and the devil's own credit card after the break.

[Via Mobile Bulgaria, thanks Georgi]

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