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Nyko's Tele-shaped Frontman Wii Guitar Hero controller hits shelves

Nilay Patel

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Given how clumsy some of Nyko's other Wii accessories are, we didn't exactly have high hopes when we heard that the company was shipping the first third-party Wii Guitar Hero controller -- so imagine our surprise when we found out it's in the shape of a Telecaster, our fave axe and one thus far criminally ignored in the Guitar Hero pantheon. Just like the official controller, the Wiimote slips into the chassis to do most of the heavy lifting, but you won't have spend quite as much to get your multiplayer on -- $50, about $10 cheaper than the Activision Les Paul. The white version includes black and pink pickguards, while the blonde edition comes with black and white -- anyone have a spare IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS sticker handy?

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