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Sanyo brings "smallest and lightest" XGA projector to these shores


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It looks like it's not only those in Japan that'll be able to get their hands on what's purported to be the "industry's smallest and lightest XGA projector," with Sanyo now also announcing that its diminutive PLC-XW60 LCD projector will soon be available 'round these parts as well. Most importantly, the price has also received a rather steep cut from the direct Yen to dollar conversion, with it now boasting an MSRP of just $795. That'll still get you the very same 3.6-pound projector, however, which packs a respectable 2,000 lumens of brightness, a 400:1 contrast ratio, component, composite and VGA inputs, and, last but not least, a built-in 1 watt mono speaker. Look for it to hit all the usual sources sometime next month.

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