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Pandigital's PanTouch WiFi / Bluetooth photo frames -- 'cause buttons are scary


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A digital photo frame should do one thing well: display photos. If it can't do that for a reasonable pixel-per-penny then we've lost all interest. Along swaggers Pandigital touting touch sensitive displays as the prime selling point of its new PanTouch WiFi and Bluetooth frames. Why touch? Because pushing buttons has suddenly become too cumbersome. Smudging? No problem, Pandigital claims that its displays are resistant to prints. The concern they don't address is the fact that touch-sensitive displays at low price points are typically not as bright and crisp as standard LCDs of the same dimensions -- especially with a smudge-free coating. But we'll reserve final judgment for the next review smackdown. Available next month in 7- (482 x 234), 8- (800 x 600), and 10-inch (1024 x 768) models priced at $120, $170, and $250, respectively.

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