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Mossberg just kidding about that whole "3G iPhone in 60 days" thing

Nilay Patel

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Oh Unkie Walt, you toy with us so. Just a couple days after promising that the 3G iPhone would be out within 60 days, the Moss-man is saying that he was simply making a prediction based on the same data as the rest of us: price cuts, dried-up inventory, and all kinds of rumors. That's not at all what it seems like on the tape, but sure. Walt also thinks that a little meta-media-analysis is due here, asking Silicon Alley Insider, "If I knew when this date was, why would I announce it in the middle of a sentence at the Finnish embassy, rather than report it in the Wall Street Journal?" Excellent point, but you might want to be a little more careful the next time you flatly declare "The iPhone will be 3G in 60 days" with no caveats and the cameras running, okay?

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