Caption contest: WiMAX hits store shelves in Bosnia

Sometimes, you want more than just wide-area broadband. Sometimes you want the downy softness that only "WiMAX" can bring. We're not totally sure what this is, but we're almost positive it will not deliver speedy downloads and near-limitless connectivity.

Paul: "Sprint's brilliant plan for rolling out WiMAX coverage on the cheap only had one fatal flaw..."
Chris: "Considered key to XOHM's success, Sprint's first stab at a steampunk Hello Kitty WiMAX router yields mixed results."
Josh T: "WiMAX: use color-safe bleach only, tumble dry."
Josh F: "For those lighter 2-bar days."
Nilay: "17.45 for WiMAX? Outrageous!"
Dante: "Suddenly, that failed Australian WiMAX rollout, makes much more sense..."
Richard: "Because really, who buys their WiMAX off the rack?"

[Thanks, Srle]