X3F TV -- XBLA in Brief: Battlezone and Rocky and Bullwinkle

It might not occur to all of our readers when they see the average episode of XBLA in Brief but, let us assure you, it is a public service. We play awful, awful games so that you don't have to. Rocky and Bullwinkle is just such a game. It is -- if there can be such a thing -- the perfect storm of bad game design. The license is used horribly, the graphics aren't good, and the game employs awkward (and unresponsive) vision camera controls. The misuse of the Rocky and Bullwinkle license is perhaps the worst offense. We hate to see a classic cartoon turned into something this awful.

Check out our video of us checking out Rocky and Bullwinkle (along with Battlezone) and be glad it wasn't you.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.