Well, Microsoft finally got SP3 out the door for you stubborn Vista-resistant XP users, and we're dying to know how you like it. That's right, you. See, our resident guinea pig intern hasn't felt any performance improvement, we've received tips from people who have seen a speed bump, and problems have cropped up as well -- we've heard reports of sporadic reboots and crashes, some of them AMD-related. But hey, forget all of them... how has SP3 changed your life?

How's Windows XP SP3 treating you?
I'm sticking with SP2 for the time being.14488 (30.7%)
Updated to SP3, but not seeing much difference.14738 (31.2%)
I'm finding SP3 noticeably faster.3422 (7.3%)
I'm finding SP3 noticeably slower.736 (1.6%)
SP3 is crashing on me, time to revert.1537 (3.3%)
I don't run XP, but thanks for asking.12241 (26.0%)