MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo, who has been doing some great coverage of the game reviews industry this week (seriously, go check it out), reports that he's heard from two gaming media sources that say that Konami had some rather odd restrictions for Metal Gear Solid 4 print reviews. Namely, that they avoid the topic of the game's installation or the length of the cut scenes.

The 4.5GB installation is listed on the box itself, and the cut scene length was brought up in IGN UK's review. "One of those things that Konami doesn't want us to talk about is the 'total length of cut-scenes,'" reads the review, which later goes on to say that cut scenes encompass about half the game's content. Whether or not these restrictions are true remain to be seen (they certainly aren't true online). We'll have to keep an eye out as the print reviews start showing up.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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