New Fallout 3 screens show Pip-Boy statuses, leg dismemberment

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Meet. Albert. Poor Albert has a wounded right leg, and an extremely wounded left leg. He's also got some major issues with his head. We haven't seen Albert before, mind you, but we do have an image from his Pip-Boy, one of three new images that Bethesda has released for Fallout 3. The image also gives a good indication as to how menu navigation will work.

Another new screenshot released shows the Vault dweller literally shooting off the leg of a mutant adversary. Come to think of it, we really hope that wasn't Albert he just hurt. Rounding out the trio of new images is a landscape portrait of what we believe is the first town you visit in the game. Fallout 3 is due out this Fall.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.