T-Mobile HotSpotJust when we thought things were kosher between Starbucks, T-Mobile, and AT&T over the Wi-Fi switchover, it turns out that T-Mobile isn't so happy with how the deal is playing out. They claimed Starbucks secretly colluded with AT&T to offer free WiFi access and left T-Mobile in the lurch. The lawsuit, filed last week in New York state court, alleges that AT&T and Starbucks weren't sticking to the terms of the original agreement, which would have allowed T-Mobile customers to freely roam on the new AT&T service. Now, it seems, they've all entered into a "memorandum of understanding to resolve their disputes and are committed to providing a high quality WiFi experience for customers." So far, though, we don't know any details as to what this agreement will mean for T-Mobile WiFi subscribers, but we'll keep an eye on this.

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