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Nokia XpressMusic 5800 "Tube" turns up in German poster


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Nokia's 5800 "Tube" handset hasn't exactly been doing the best job staying under cover, and it's now turned up yet again to offer another sign of its presumably imminent launch, this time in a poster for Germany's SMS Shop. Somewhat curiously, the touchscreen-based device (S60, specifically) is now apparently branded with the XpressMusic moniker, rather than XpressMedia, although your guess is as good as ours as to what that might indicate. Otherwise, the only tidbits the poster has to offer is that the device does in fact boast WLAN and HSDPA capabilities, although given that all the other phones in the poster have been officially announced, it seems safe to bet that we should be hearing more about the 5800 straight from Nokia sooner rather than later.

[Thanks, Dax]

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