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Lenovo busts out new IdeaPad lineup


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That new X200 isn't being left all by its lonesome, not by a long shot. Lenovo is giving its fledgling IdeaPad line quite the shot in the arm, with new Y530, Y430, Y730 and U330 models, designed to give US retail that variety of stock it craves -- and which confuses consumers to no end. The real winner here is the U330 (pictured), a premium IdeaPad of the U110 variety, only this one has a full 13.3-inches of screen, a Centrino 2 processor, HDMI and a built-in optical drive. The Y430, Y530 and Y730 are basically 14.1-inch, 15.4-inch and 17.1-inch versions of the same idea, with WXGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolutions, Blu-ray options, and a corresponding scale in graphics and processor power. The Y430 sticks with integrated graphics, the Y530 is Centrino 2 P7350-based and does up some NVIDIA NB9M GS 256MB graphics, while the Y730 runs a Centrino 2 P8400 processor and ATI M86 ME 512MB graphics, and supports dual 320GB hot-swappable drives. The Y730 comes in entertainment and gaming editions, with the "GameZone" model sporting a secondary display. Pricing is forthcoming, and these all should be landing this fall.

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