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Dell Studio Hybrid mini pc shows up in hidden Dell customer service page


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If you've been paying attention, you remember all those blurry-vision pictures of an upcoming Dell mini desktop called the Studio Hybrid. As it turns out, those spy images were more than speculation, as an anonymous reader tipped us off to one of Dell's internal customer service session pages that guides the rep through some wireless keyboard and mouse resynchronization steps. The Dell Studio Hybrid appears to be codenamed "Nausicaa" (if image filenames are to be believed) and will ship with a wireless mouse and keyboard. It seems Dell believes that customers will need some help setting up these potentially finicky peripherals. As for when this new mini-desktop will be available, we're still in the dark on that, but a back-to-school number this like wouldn't be such a bad idea. We're not sure how long the page will remain up once our readers have poked at it, but we captured the images in a handy gallery for that inevitable moment.

UPDATE: Looks like the Studio Hybrid will also be available with a Blu-Ray drive and user-changeable color panels to match your design scheme. It will also launch within the next two weeks, if our other anonymous tipster is to be believed.

Gallery: Dell Studio Hybrid | 4 Photos

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