(Warning: If you do not want your Wrath of the Lich King gameplay experience ruined, do not watch this video. It contains spoiler commentary, as well as footage from the beta.)

Today I've featured movies in the action-storyline and PvP genres, but I'm curious to see if it's all about the WotLK beta. Nobunaga has created three movies so far in his Tales of a Death Knight series, which takes a deeper look at the Death Knight class. He uses commentary to describe what is going on, which isn't always clear in some of the other videos out there.

Episode 1 touches upon character creation, Episode 2 deals with the starting quest, and Episode 3 discusses the last scenario of the starting quest. I chose to feature the last of them because I feel that it's his best. By the third video, he drops the creepy voice and offers some interesting insight. I think that once he finds his format, his series will find success.

That's it for today's Moviewatch Smackdown! Would you like to see more videos like Trollbane, Tosan 4, or Tales of a Death Knight? Furthermore, why do you think that they all (unintentionally) start with a T?

[Via Warcraftmovies.com]

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