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plankton's nailed USB drive: perfect for handymen, frustrated computer owners

Darren Murph

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Be honest with yourself: has there ever been a time when you felt like taking a hammer to a computer of yours? Yes, of course. Apparently some of the clever minds at plankton figured out a way to let people live out that fantasy without totally destroying their partially functional machine. The "nailed" USB flash drive features 2GB of internal storage, an unmistakable design and a rather huge head to ensure that even novice nailers don't miss the target. Of course, it doesn't take any responsibility for damage incurred by inserting said drive in the previously referenced manner, but a few light taps should suffice in most instances. Pick one up now in galvanized or blued (okay, not really) for €29.50 ($46).

[Via technabob]

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