In Guild Wars, PvP is all handled within organized arenas. There are no random duel requests every 5 minutes while running around outside, and there are not people trying to jump in front of your fishing pole to get you to click on them so they can slaughter you in one hit.

That said, GW PvP is highly advanced and specialized. Since there are so many different types of PvP in these arenas, and players can only use eight skills on their skillbar during each battle or even sets of battles, the outcome relies more on teamwork and strategy than just mass firepower. It is based more on focusing on certain effective builds against certain classes, and each member of the team working towards doing their specific part in taking down the opposing team. PvP in WoW was not a main focus when the game was created, and was added later into the game's development. In Guild Wars, PvP was always the main focus from the beginning and while some may argue that it has since become a PvE game, the fact is that GW is supported by seasonal tournaments for hundreds of thousands of dollars in real-world cash and prizes each year.

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