Perhaps the only part of iPhone 3G ownership more maddening than the non-removable battery is the fact that there's no hope of an internal extended pack ever materializing (at least, nothing even remotely official). That's where accessory maker mophie comes into play, announcing a new version of its Juice Pack that slides on back and alleges an additional 6 hours of data usage attached to a 3G network. It features an on-board charge indicator in the form of four LEDs and can pass a USB connection through to the iPhone 3G within, simultaneously charging both the Juice Pack and the handset. Like the headphone jack extenders for the first-gen phones, this product seems like a necessary evil (albeit a well-designed one) for a good number of owners -- particularly considering how difficult it can be to get through an average day without the 3G model passing out from malnutrition. It'll be available this fall for a hundred bucks.

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