The Joystiq Weekend: August 9 - 10, 2008

If you can't be a part of the Olympics, have your tests of endurance with the Nintendo Power Pad. Watch the videos after the break if you don't believe how visceral the Power Pad can be. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

The Best of Big Download: July 27-August 10, 2008
Japanese hardware sales, July 28 - Aug. 3: Olympic observation edition
PS Fanboy Week in Review: 8/04 - 8/10
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup revisits the classics
X3F rallies around Braid, demands your consideration

Nintendo releases third-party sales chart, NPD clarifies some details
Famitsu reveals Captain Rainbow details
North American Gamestops to catch Palkia/Dialga DS Lite
Dyack: Too Human campaign will take "around fifteen hours"
New Wolfenstein game will not feature Hitler
Former Flagship Studios Seattle team becomes Runic Games
Associated Press reveals new Star Trek Online details
Warhammer Online team developed 250 classes, kept 20
Star Trek Online gameplay trailer debuts
Rise of the Argonauts "Departure" trailer is mythologically delicious

Culture & Community
GayGamer's E3 scrapbook series
Modder brings touchscreen support to PSP

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