GC 2008: Lode Runner XBLA remake 'coming soon'

Developer Tozai has been noticeably silent with regards to its upcoming take on Brøderbund's early computer platformer Lode Runner, and while our army of robots have once more returned empty handed, the media sleuths at IGN report that a seemingly "largely done" build of the XBLA remake was on hand at the Leipzig's media extravaganza.

The news leaves us wondering just when we'll be able to revisit our platforming roots, though the game's presence on the show floor was reportedly adorned with rather ambiguous signage that simply read "coming soon." We certainly hope so, because with both this and some sort of R-Type title in the works, Tozai has become adept at tugging at nostalgia's heartstrings.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.