It's just a rollercoaster of emotions for these guys lately, isn't it? Executive musical chairs are getting to be old hat for Moto these days, and the very latest to sign his walking papers is Rob Shaddock, head of the handset division's consumer products group (in other words, the group all of the interesting hardware comes from). Oh, and yeah, he was only on the job for four months, having replaced Stu Reed back in April. For what it's worth, Motorola claims that Shaddock's departure was a foregone conclusion even before new co-CEO Sanjay Jha took the reigns, but really, that just makes things even more confusing since it means he really decided to leave (or was told to) after just three months and change. Whatever -- meanwhile, 30-year battle-tested Moto vet John Cipolla steps into the role, which should inject some nice, stale, inside thinking into the team's R&D.

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