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Sunfire' TGM-100 goes after the well-heeled media server crowd

Steven Kim

Upmarket custom-installs are where the comfy margins are, so it's no surprise to see high-end specialists like Sunfire heading in that direction as well. The company is marking its entry into the media server market at CEDIA with the $10,000 TGM-100; and if you think that's pricey, wait until you add some storage -- you know, to make it useful -- your options are a 1TB RAID 0 (TGM-HD1, $700), 3TB RAID 6 (TGM-HD3, $12,000) or 6TB RAID 6 (TGM-HD6, $14,000). At these prices, we'd demand some Blu-ray support, but the release only mentions upscaling to "near-HD 1080P" (sounds familiar) for your DVDs and Gracenote metadata for your music. Like we said, this part of the market is about the margins.

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