Anthem may not have the presence of, say, Sony at CEDIA this year, but at least it isn't wasting all of our time by unveiling a $1,500 SACD player. Our apologies to any of you we just offended (yes, all two of you), but seriously, we have a feeling true audiophiles will appreciate the 225 integrated amplifier much more. Designed with music aficionados in mind, this amp provides a phono preamp input that supports Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) applications and includes solid-state circuitry boards, seven total stereo audio inputs, a universal learning remote and an RS-232 port. The unit boasts 225-watts of pure, clean power per channel at 8-ohms, and while it will set you back $1,499, this $1.5k piece may actually be worth the price of entry.