Some of you might not know who Suda "Suda51" Goichi is, but perhaps you've heard of his game, one of the most talked-about titles on the Wii, No More Heroes. Another American release he was involved in was the PS2 title killer7, which featured a unique twist on the FPS genre. If you are a fan of these niche titles, you are in luck. Developer Grasshopper Manufacture's (where Goichi is CEO) very first title, released in Japan for the original PlayStation back in 1999, titled The Silver Case, will be headed over to the Japanese PS Store. The game yet another one-of-kind adventure title that featured usually deep characterization and unconventional plot, containing a story about murders that seem be committed by a dead man.

No word on whether The Silver Case will get a stateside release; though a remake and a spinoff of the original is currently being ported and localized for the DS. That gives us a glimmer of hope of an English version, but don't count on it. Of course, we'll keep you updated if any of that changes.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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