IndieCade: International Festival Finalists #11-15

All week, Joystiq will be revealing the 25 finalists for the IndieCade: International Festival of Independent Games, set to take place October 10 through 17 in Bellevue, Washington. The winners will be announced on October 11.

The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom (Website)

In terms of paradoxes and other temporal mechanics, Winterbottom makes Braid look like Mario in the future. From what we've seen and played of the game, our heads turn to mush thinking about how to solve these puzzles. Best of all, it's all in the name of eating pie. Take that, cake lovers.


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The Unfinished Swan (Website)

After too many viewings of Sin City, we thought the above picture was a pool of blood. Turns out it was a lot less M-rated. In The Unfinished Swan (formerly WhiteSpace), you must try to escape a solid-color labyrinth by splattering paint on your surroundings. We suddenly have an urge to re-read House of Leaves.


Sociable Tetris 360

We're not going to explain the Tetris part, but as for the rest: "Sociable" comes from this game being a multi-touch co-op version. "360" comes from the medium: Tetris played on a cylinder. Check out the video above for further explanation.


Fatherhood (Website, Download)

Fatherhood is the product of a Seven Days Roguelike challenge, meaning it was started and completed within a 168-hour timeframe. A father looks after his three children while protecting his lands against bad floods. Protip: To make life simpler, if you have no heart, pick a favorite child.


Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble
(Website, Demo: PC, Mac)

Cause mischief and solve mysteries in the 1920s. According to the Dangerous Girls website, "This is a game where good girls get better by being bad." We bet ye olde TMZ would have a fun time with that slogan.


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