JL Audio's Fathom f212 in-home subwoofer gets official

JL Audio is probably better known in the automotive industry than the living room industry, but that's not to say the company can't deliver that earth-rockin' bass in your den and your '69 Impala. Announced this month, the Fathom f212 includes not one, but two 12W7 drivers in a sealed enclosure. The company promises "mind-blowing bass with enhanced output, reduced distortion and even greater transient accuracy than the single-woofer Fathoms." If you're looking for hard numbers, chew on these: it weighs 220-pounds, boasts a 3,000-watt RMS amplifier and costs $6,000 (or $6,100 for a high gloss finish). Make your mind up soon -- she ships in October. [Warning: PDF read link]