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DARwIn IIIx RoboCup entrant gets shown off on video


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We caught sight of the very first DARwIn soccer-playing robot way back when, but the folks at Virginia Tech's Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory unsurprisingly haven't been resting on their laurels all this time, and they're now out there showing off the bot's latest incarnation, which they hope will lead 'em to victory in the next RoboCup competition. Dubbed the DARwIn IIIx, this one apparently uses some of the same technology developed for Virgina Tech's DARPA Urban Challenge entry, known as "Odin," and is a complete redesign over the previous DARwIn IIx model, boasting an improved range of motion and a whole host of software upgrades that promise to improve its perception and let it better adapt to different lighting conditions, among other things. Head on past the break to check out the (unfortunately auto-playing) video.

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