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HP Mini 1000 review round-up


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We were certainly suitably impressed by HP's new Mini 1000 netbook when we got our hands on it earlier this week, and it looks like that may be the common sentiment about the device, at least if this first batch of reviews is any indication. Like us, other folks were especially impressed by the netbook's keyboard, with Computer Shopper, Laptop Magazine, and PC World each singling it out as one of the stand-out features, and CNET going so far as to declare it "the best netbook keyboard" they've seen. Each of the aforementioned sites also welcomed the step up to the now standard Atom processor and, of course, the cut in price compared to HP's more business-minded 2133 model. That's not to say the netbook is without its drawbacks, however, with most complaining about the lackluster 3-cell battery (though that's due for an upgrade in January), as well as those unfortunately placed trackpad buttons and, last but not least, its glossy screen -- although, as is often the case, there's not exactly a consensus on that last point, and Laptop actually lists it as a plus. Still undecided? Then dig into the links below for plenty more details, pics, and benchmarks.

Read - Computer Shopper (8.4 / 10)
Read - Laptop Magazine (3.5 / 5)
Read - PC World ("fantastic keyboard, surprisingly good sound")
Read - CNET (4 / 5)

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