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Navigon launches "uber-premium" 4.8-inch 8100T navigator

Darren Murph

In an effort to make sure you're well aware that the 8100T is the most premium possible, even better than ultra- or mega-premium, Navigon has definitively described the aforesaid navigator as "uber-premium." So, now that the bar is set at an unbelievably high level, how's about an outlay of the sure-to-be-phenomenal specs? We're talking a 4.8-inch display, brushed-metal housing, a 3D view using NASA terrain height data, free real-time traffic updates for life, voice destination entry, Bluetooth handsfree support, text-to-speech and an inbuilt lane assistant. The only question left is simply this: is all of that uber enough to warrant the $599 price tag?

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