It is no secret that servers have been seeing an awful lot of maintenance lately, and today has been the worst.

While the blues have been encouraging and supportive, the frustration has been mounting, and many players are threatening to call it quits.

Of course, players threaten this on a daily basis, so it comes as no shock.

The responses on the forums, when they are available, on our own site, and in our team mail have made the WoW Insider team somewhat curious. How are you feeling about Blizzard today?

Jump through the break to take our super-scientific poll!
Realms have been offline for most of 11/11/2008. What is your take on this?
Very frustrated, sad or angry.3518 (34.5%)
I'm thinking of quitting, taking a break, or not buying the expansion right away.945 (9.3%)
Seriously, I've already canceled my account over it.187 (1.8%)
Realms are extremely complex, and I'm sure Blizz is doing their best!4826 (47.4%)
Realms are what now?713 (7.0%)

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