Totally Blizzard's fault: Boy collapses after WotLK marathon

Although most bets on real-world Wrath of the Lich King drama had good odds on it involving a dead gamer in Asia, we're sure the media will be more than happy to take its pound of flesh from an exhausted Swedish boy as the latest victim of "game addiction." The 15-year-old went into convulsions following a marathon World of Warcraft session in which he hardly ate or slept.

Doctors say the boy will make a full recovery and the child's father expressed he'll limit the amount of time his son plays from now on. That must be awful for the dad; now he has to make sure his son is eating properly and pay attention to how the boy is spending his time. Parental responsibility is, like, totally not fun.

[Thanks, Henry; Via WoW Insider]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.