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Motoman SDA10 robot shows off its cooking, camera-building skills


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Yaskawa Electric's Motoman SDA10 robot has been out and about for a little while now (along with its not-so-distant relatives), but it's apparently not just getting by on its good looks alone, and it recently took advantage of Osaka's International Next-Generation Robot Fair to show off its newly developed cooking skills. While there unfortunately doesn't seem to be any video available, the word is it was able to take an order from a customer using its voice recognition capabilities and whip up some okonomiyaki (a pancake, of sorts) from scratch, with it even going so far as to serve it to the customer and top it off with some condiments. As if one human-replacing activity wasn't enough, the bot also recently made an appearance on a Japanese TV show where it assembled a camera and, thankfully, there is a video of that -- check it out after the break.

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